NoHo’s Newest Art Exhibit Gives visitors a Multi-Sensory Experience

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NoHo’s Newest Art Exhibit Gives visitors a Multi-Sensory Experience
A solo exhibition, On a Tipped Chair is a multi-sensory exhibit that brings together artwork and scents.

Artist Jared Boechler presents a body of experimental oil paintings at the Sheen Center, each paired with a custom-designed scent that influenced that particular artwork. In collaboration with House of Cherry Bomb Perfumery, the collection explores the topics of loneliness and mental illness, and how these experiences influence our lives. As the exhibit’s description states:

“The scents within the exhibit represent direct experiences of the artist. They contain smells from memories that have directly influenced the outcome of the individual works, ranging from notes of lemongrass to black tar, and prove insight into the most personal aspects of Boechler’s practice. The exhibit title “On a Tipped Chair” references the artist’s personal relationship with anxiety and uses the experience of sitting on an unbalanced chair to draw an unusual comparison. The body of work explores the process of living and creating on this precipice. This proposes to the viewer a question, one that many artists find themselves having to consider on a daily basis: How do I maintain the balance necessary to productively pursue a craft that is inherently free and unrestricted in nature?”

The exhibit is currently running and can be viewed at The Gallery at the Sheen Center until February 23.

featured image source: Sheen Center

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