The Newborn Baby Angolan Monkey at the Bronx Zoo is the Cutest

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The Newborn Baby Angolan Monkey at the Bronx Zoo is the Cutest

Check out the VIDEO of this adorable newborn Angolan Black-and-white Colobus Monkey clinging to his mom at the Bronx Zoo.  This is definitely the cutest thing you will see today.

Crack out the cigars… we have a new New Yorker in The Bronx Zoo. Though we still don’t know the gender of the little critter, he/she certainly stands out. The little white furball can be seen clinging to his mom as she relaxes in her Zoo habitat. Check out the lil’ one in the video, published by the Bronx Zoo, Below:

The little cutie isn’t albino, baby Colobus monkeys are born completely white then at around three months of age the grow in their distinctive black and white fur.

Mommy and Baby live with four other Colobus Monkeys at Congo Gorilla Forest. The troop is now made up of one adult male, two adult females, one young female, and one young male.

If you plan on visiting this new tiny New Yorker, get ready for a sore neck. Angolan Black-and-white Colobus Monkeys live high in the treetops, they use their long tails to help balance as they move through the canopy foraging from fruits and seeds.


Featured image source [youtube]

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