New York’s Minimum Wage Increase Goes Into Effect Today

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New York’s Minimum Wage Increase Goes Into Effect Today
As of today, December 31, the minimum wage in New York City has officially increased. 

Considering how expensive it is to live in NYC, it’s only right that those getting paid at minimum wage should make a bit more than they have in previous years. While different parts of the state will get varying increases, the largest will be for those working under employers that staff 11 or more people—with an increase from $13 to $15. Smaller businesses will have to increase the rate from $12 to $13.50, and will again increase at the end of 2019 to meet the $15 standard. 

While employees working at minimum wage can celebrate the raise, some businesses are struggling to keep up with the increases at a time where rent in NYC continues to rise exponentially. 

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According to the state’s Department of Labor, the plan is to have the all of New York at a minimum wage of $15 by 2021. 

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