65 Things New Yorkers Say They’re Most Thankful For This Year

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65 Things New Yorkers Say They’re Most Thankful For This Year

Happy Thanksgiving, NYC.

Though it’s been a tough year, there is still so much to be thankful for, and you readers & followers reminded us of that! Here are all your heartwarming to our poll asking what you are most thankful for this year, for some good feelings on the holiday & to inspire you to reflect on your own.

What would you add to the list?

1. “My blessings, my partner, and new days.”

2. “Being able to visit every NYC corner just by myself. No tourists. It’s truly special.”

3. “Health and employment (both mine and my family).”

4. “My family recovering from COVID.”

5. “Being able to enjoy the city and still having an income and healthy too. COVID free.”

6. “Being alive.”

7. “My health and for my family and friends.”

8. “The cleaning, contactless passes and safety updates to the buses and subway!”

9. “Good food, good friends.”

10. “Such a remarkable community. Everyone’s strength and unity during this year’s pandemic.”

11. “My hospital colleagues who supported me throughout the toughest part of my career/life.”

12. “NYC during the holidays.”

13. “Central Park…year-round.”

14. “Spending more time with family.”

15.  “The health of my loved ones.”

16. “Still having a job.”

17. “I’m thankful for living in this amazing city!”

18. “The hope!”

19. “Coffee shops.”

20. “Delivery workers.”

21. “The beauty of the city.”

22. “Rooftop access.”

23. “My awesome super regularly sanitizing the entire building.”

24. “Delivery folks and people working the front lines.”

25. “The parks.”

26. “Health and hope!”

27. “Still have my job and most of my health and those close to me are well…”

28. “Other New Yorkers, especially in my community, smiling with their eyes.”

29. “The good people in my life.”

30. “The beauty and resilience of this city.”

31. “The people that didn’t leave NYC.”

32. “Thankful for the energy and spirit NY still has! You can’t break us!”

33. “The amazing restauranteur that opened their business to the streets!”

34. “My mom.”

35. “The beauty this city has to offer.”

36. “Being a resident New Yorker again. Nowhere else comes close.”

37. “I’m thankful that I continue to wake up each morning when so many have been lost to COVID.”

38. “Enjoying the city and having more parking without tourists.”

39. “My family and chocolate. I’ve needed both during this pandemic!”

40. “Walks in Central Park.”

41. “Each other.”

42. “The ubiquitous camaraderie amongst New Yorkers.”

43. “Not quitting on this city.”

44. “Being able to spend time home…after years of constantly working.”

45. “Being a brand new New Yorker.”

46. “Good roommates.”

47. “Simply having the privilege of living in NYC.”

48. “Outdoor dining. It saved the summer!”

49. “NYC not closing and people doing their best to help each other out in a time of need.”

50. “I’m thankful for those that are still rocking their masks.”

51. “Cheaper rent.”

52. “All of the food delivery companies.”

53. “My newborn baby! I got to spend every day of lockdown with her!”

54. “This city and the people in it. We’re a special breed of tough.”

55.  “Prospect park.”

56. “Police, firemen, first responders, and those in healthcare (not only doctors/nurses).”

57. “The simplicity of life.”

58. “My and my family healthy and still being able to keep my business open.”

59. “The best takeout in the world. Period.”

60. “Central Park, NYC ferry, fire escapes, to-go coffee.”

61. “Thankful to spend more time with family.”

62. “Dinners with friends replacing clubbing, making friendships deeper and more meaningful.”

63. “The Parade happening! Amen!”

64. “Nighttime strolls on the Brooklyn Bridge.”

65. “Every single New Yorker.”

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