How New Yorkers Really Feel About Mayor De Blasio’s Anti-Trump Rhetoric

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How New Yorkers Really Feel About Mayor De Blasio’s Anti-Trump Rhetoric

Recently, Mayor de Blasio has urged all Americans to continue protesting the President-elect across country, refused to reinstate “stop-and-frisk”, and pledged to protect the illegal immigrants within NYC.

Rather than get involved in hyperbole or rhetoric following the election, we want to take the temperature of the city, openly. Here is a quick rundown of the Mayors remarks, we encourage you to vote at the end and leave your comments.

Encouraging peaceful demonstrations around the country: In an interview on Monday with Hot 97 radio – 

“We have to recognize that all over this country, the more disruption that’s caused peacefully … the more it will change the trajectory of things.”

Refusing to reinstate stop-and-frisk: The same interview on Monday Morning with Hot 97 radio –  Mayor de Blasio stated that there is nothing that Donald Trump can directly do to reinstate stop-and-frisk in NYC, an initiative Trump once said “worked very well in New York.”

“The unconstitutional use of stop-and-frisk didn’t make us safer […] It was not only morally wrong, it actually did not make us safer.”

Promised to protect NYC’s immigrant community: Telling reporters at City Hall on November 10 – He stated that NYC would continue to protect the estimated 500,000 undocumented immigrants in the face of President-elects Trump’s threat to withdraw federal funding from “sanctuary cities.”

“We are not going to sacrifice a half million people who live amongst us, who are part of our community, […] We’re not going to tear families apart. So we will do everything we’ve got to do to resist that.”

We recognize that many of you didn’t need that rundown, but in the interest of keeping you informed, there is was. Now your voice:

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