How New Yorkers REALLY Feel About The “Impossible Burger”

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How New Yorkers REALLY Feel About The “Impossible Burger”

Having a vegan girlfriend, I have been dragged around almost every vegan restaurant, and eaten every vegan burger the city has to offer… begrudgingly. My verdict, as a carnivore, vegan burgers taste like lies and sadness. I’m kidding! I’m KIDDING! Put down your pitchforks!

Having the connection I do to the world of veganism, albeit tenuous, when I hear about something new for our herbivore friends, it peaks my interest. So here’s the lowdown on the Impossible Burger in case you didn’t know:

  • Saturday at noon at Momofuku Nishi, David Chang launched the “Impossible Burger.”
  • The Impossible Burger is an animal-free burger composed entirely of plant-based ingredients.
  • The Burger patty contains NO meat and yet it “bleeds.”
  • The special ingredient is a molecule called “heme” (the molecule that gives meat its texture and juiciness) that happens to be found in both plants and meat.
  • They make their meat-free patty out of a mixture of the “heme, water, wheat protein, coconut oil and potato protein, as well as natural flavors and micronutrients.

In a nutshell, there you have it. A plant-burger that tastes and feels like meat… But what you want to know is, is it any good?  Spoiler, yes, apparently it’s awesome. In fact, I couldn’t find a single negative tweet/instagram post about the burger. Read the posts below:


Bleeds just like real beef. Mmm The Impossible Burger ?

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