New Yorkers Raise Over 16k to Save a Brooklyn Pie Shop Owner

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New Yorkers Raise Over 16k to Save a Brooklyn Pie Shop Owner

Fans of a Prospect Heights Pie Shop raised thousands of dollars for its owner when she was diagnosed with cancer. Here are all the details on this heartwarming New York story.

One of the worst moments of anyone’s life must be hearing you have cancer for the first time. The impact of this terrible illness has touched us all in one way or another. For the afflicted it often means a mountain of debt as well as the emotional and physical stresses involved in the treatment of the disease.

Meghan Daly of Daly Pie on Vanderbilt Avenue was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. As a business owner chemotherapy could have placed an extreme financial burden on her and her business. Thanks to the hoards of fans at her pie themed cafe, that burden has been lessened considerably.

A longtime friend of Dali, Colleen Venable, created a GoFundMe campaign on behalf of her friend. The 35-year-old baker is about to start a six-month chemotherapy treatment, writes Vanderbuilt. She goes into detail  on the campaign page:

Her health is absolutely a priority and with her illness she won’t be able to work as many hours in the shop. Business is tight anywhere in NYC, and if you do the math…well, it’s some very sad math. Between added costs of staff, rent at both the shop and her apartment, doctors visits, the business just won’t survive the time she needs for treatment not to mention if the business isn’t around she won’t have any money for food, rent, basic living, or medical supplies.

Fans of the Pie Shop sprang into action. In less than a week of the campaign being launched, family and friends have raised $16,260 of the $34k goal. How can you help? Well, in the words of Meghan Daly’s friend:

-Stop by the shop at 665 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238 and buy some pie, drink some beers or cider or wine, eat some tasty sandwiches and know every dollar you spend is helping save both Meghan and the shop

-Donate to this GoFundMe

-Spread the word

Story’s like this refill our ever depleting stock of “faith in humanity.” They say living in the city makes you emotionally-hard, things like this show us the opposite.

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