New Yorkers Are Obsessed With Wearing Black. This Is Why

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Anyone who’s walked the streets of New York knows that there’s one dominant color on the fashion pallet. Yes, black. Tried and true, here are the reasons why New Yorkers’ favorite color is the darkest of them all.

No, New Yorkers don’t dress in black because they are in mourning of all their free time lost at the office, (although that may play a part of it). According to the New York Times, New Yorkers became associated with wearing black during the 70s and 80s when different “fashion tribes” began experimenting with different styles. So not only were artists, people in the fashion industry and the cultural elite downtown dressing in black, but also business people and Jack and Jane from uptown were sporting the monochrome look.

And yes, in comparison to other fashion metropolis’ like Paris and Milan, New Yorkers really do where more black. At fashion shows, says Valerie Steel, the director of the Museum at FIT, New Yorkers popularize the idea that New York=black. Black has come to be synonymous with hip and everyone knows that New York is the epicenter of all things trendy.

Black also helps to project a certain image of course- fierce, edgy, and easy to match with anything. That and the fact that we live in a concrete jungle. Our camouflage tends to match our habitat! Not to mention, black helps cover up all that city grime.

Are you a fan of the all black everything look?

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