New Yorkers are Going to Drool Over These Food Cart Tours

Christine Megrejo Christine Megrejo

New Yorkers are Going to Drool Over These Food Cart Tours

NYC has always been known for its food carts; they have some of the best food on wheels options in the country, often so good these carts go on to open brick and mortar restaurants. But do you ever feel like you just aren’t sure which is the best of the best, or that you never know what time they are around and miss out?

Fear missed food no more because Turnstile Tours have a new set of food cart tours that ensure you get the best of the best street meat, among other specialties. This 2-hour walking tour explores either FiDi or Midtown and gets you 5-6 stops for tastings along the way. Which seems like the right amount of food for how many calories you’re burning with all that walking, right?

But not only do you get to eat and eat and eat, you get to also learn what it really takes to run a food cart. Which could be helpful if you ever wanted to do so yourself, but also probably will give you more patience the next time there’s a long line at Wafels & Dinges.

Plus, a portion of your ticket goes to the Street Vendor Project, which helps small business owners and street vendors get on their feet and fight unfair tickets and violations (like vending “too close to a sidewalk”) that might besiege them by the city. Basically, go on a tour, eat food, and have your money go towards making sure you can continue to eat food. Sounds like a win to us!

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