NYC Woman Was Stuck In An UES Townhouse Elevator For The Entire Weekend

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

NYC Woman Was Stuck In An UES Townhouse Elevator For The Entire Weekend
If you’ve ever been in a townhouse that has an elevator in it, you’ll know they’re usually very small, old, and claustrophobia-inducing. That said, one New Yorker was trapped inside one of these tiny, century-old elevators for the entire weekend.

On Monday morning, January 28, firefighters responded to a call on the Upper East Side that mentioned a person was stuck inside. The townhouse is located on East 65th Street, and the 53-year-old woman is an employee who got stuck while cleaning on Friday.

According to ABC7, it was not until the home owners returned to the townhouse on Monday that a 911 call was made. Shortly after 10 a.m. the fire department arrived and was able to force the elevator doors open, where the woman was stuck between the second and third floors.

via Google Maps
via Google Maps

She was taken to the hospital and, as the Associated Press reported, she  “was in stable condition.”

The family townhouse belongs to billionaire Warren Stephens. The Department of Buildings approved inspection of the elevator in July, however they are now investigating the issue for cause. According to Zillow, the single family home was built in the 1920’s and is worth over $20-million.

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