New Yorker Reacts To Aggressive Honking With Hilarious Dance Moves

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New Yorker Reacts To Aggressive Honking With Hilarious Dance Moves

Everyone can relate to road rage, however, this native New Yorker chose a rather unique way to handle his anger: through dance!

Driving in the city can already be a pain, & between construction and traffic, being honked at can only add to the frustration. And though a normal reaction might be to yell, shout, or flip the bird, this New Yorker might as well have done the worm!

On September 16th, right near Barclays Center on Dean Street at Carlton Avenue, a truck driver began aggressively honking when the driver in front of him hadn’t moved immediately after the light glowed green.

“Soon as the light turned green, the very second, I kid you not, the man started beeping his horn. And he had a loud horn, three or four blocks could hear it,” Nate Dupree (the driver ahead of the truck), told Gothamist. “He kept honking, for at least three minutes before I got out of the car, all for one millisecond of me missing the light.”

Angered by the unnecessary horn, Dupree got out of his vehicle and rather than screaming, he confronted the trucker with some amusing dance moves! And lucky for us, neighbor Brian Cheung got it all on video.

“I got out and I started dancing out of anger, out of straight, pure anger,” Dupree told Gothamist. “I’m so glad I got out of the car. It was a dancing moment. I wish he had gotten out and started dancing too. He stuck two thumbs up, then he didn’t look at me, he tried to ignore me.”

After the video had gone viral, Dupree reached out to Cheung and the two had a humorous conversation about the day’s event:

Though Dupree had recently moved out of NYC, his actions simply showed that a New Yorker spirit will never seize to surprise you. And hopefully, we can all learn a little something from him on how to better handle our notorious anger. So maybe next time someone bumps into you on the sidewalk, instead of screaming, just bust a move!

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