Visitors To New York Will No Longer Have To Quarantine For 14 Days

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Visitors To New York Will No Longer Have To Quarantine For 14 Days

Out-of-state travelers can now be exempt from a 14-day quarantine if they follow these new guidelines.

Effective Nov. 5, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced the newest guidelines for out-of-state travelers. Those coming to New York will now have the opportunity to “test out” of the previously mandatory 14-day quarantine. Those traveling from bordering states and essential workers are exempt from the travel advisory and covered travelers are still required to fill out the Traveler Health Form.

Cuomo praised the state’s efforts in keeping COVID-19 numbers at a low positivity rate (third lowest in the nation), but mentioned that travel between other states still “pose as a threat.”

In order for travelers that were in another state (other than a bordering one) to test out of a 14-day quarantine, they must take a COVID-19 test three days prior to their departure from the other state. Then upon arriving to New York, they must quarantine for three days. After their three day quarantine, the traveler is required to get a second test. If both COVID-19 tests result in a negative diagnosis, the traveler is then able to leave their quarantine.

For travelers that are out of state for less than 24 hours, no prior test is needed before departure from the other state. Instead, the traveler must fill out the traveler information form and take a COVID-19 test four days after they have arrived in New York.

Isolation orders will be given if positive test results are found and local health departments will begin contact tracing. New York declared that “all travelers must continue to fill out the traveler information form upon arrival into New York State to contribute to New York State’s robust contact tracing program.”

More details can be found here.

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