The New York Public Library Is Now Renting Out Ties And Handbags

Caitlin Horsfield Caitlin Horsfield

The New York Public Library Is Now Renting Out Ties And Handbags
The Public Library has been in front of a ton of initiatives this summer. First culture pass, and now the Riverside Library branch will be renting out work attire for New Yorkers with job interviews.

The library has always been so much more than books but now, the New York Public Library System’s Riverside branch on the Upper West Side has taken rentals even further, unveiling a new collection of ties, briefcases and handbags, which library cardholders can take out for occasions like job interviews and events that require a bit more formality.

The accessories are a part of the library’s Grow Up initiative, a lending program that’s funded by the NYPL’s Innovation Project. Any NYPL library member can check out a sartorial piece so long as they have less than $15 in fees on their account.

At the moment, the program is only active at the one Riverside location, however the NYPL also offers a slew of other job and career building resources. Information sheets on interview tips, free career resources and suggested books, websites and organizations are available at public libraries across the city.

Featured image: lincolnbid.org

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