New York May Soon Have its Own Legoland Theme Park

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New York May Soon Have its Own Legoland Theme Park
The developers behind the Legoland parks, Merlin Entertainment, have just been approved to build one of these theme parks in the small town of Goshen, New York. Talk about putting this Hudson Valley town on the map in a big way!

This project was approved by Goshen’s Planning Board. While many are glad the new park will bring money into the small town, opponents aren’t pleased with what it will destroy in the process. They’ve even put together a Stop Legoland campaign, and plan to win back at least 8 acres of this massive plan.

If the amusement park does get built (and chances are it will), it’ll be the third one in the United States. As of Goshen’s most recent board meeting, the plans for a $500 million, 514-acre park were approved unanimously by all six members. Development is said to begin before the end of this year in preparation for an opening day come 2019. 

Once built, the park will bring in roughly two-million visitors a year. A stark contrast to the 5,368 residents the area currently has. The plans suggest visitors will be a mix of tourists, day trippers, and locals.  The property will also feature a hotel for overnight guests.

Featured image source: Pixabay

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