New York City Officially Has its First Nightlife Mayor

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

Ariel Palitz Nightlife Mayor

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced last year that the city would get an Office of Nightlife and a Nightlife Advisory Board, in charge of the nightlife industry and venues.

On Wednesday afternoon, the first Senior Executive Director (“Nightlife Mayor”) for the office was appointed by Councilman Rafael Espinal and Mayor Bill de Blasio—Ariel Palitz.

Ariel Palitz is the former owner of the East Village nightclub, Sutra, which is now closed but was once deemed the “noisiest bar in New York.” She will be the Office of Nightlife’s very first director, overseeing the Nightlife Advisory Board and managing the department’s annual budget of $300,000.

In a statement, the mayor said:

“Ariel has lived and breathed this work her whole life. She understands the needs of live musicians, artists, business owners and residents, and she’ll help bring everybody together to foster the kind of vibrant and safe nightlife New Yorkers deserve.”

featured image source: By Nicky Digital for Bedford and Bowery

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