New York City Among Hardest Working Cities in the Country

Caitlin Horsfield Caitlin Horsfield

According to a recent study, New York City is currently ranked at number 5 in the running of hardest working cities in the country.

A recent study put out by WalletHub this week ranks New York City as one of the hardest working cities in the country. In a comparative study of 116 cities nation wide, the “city that never sleeps” comes in at number 5 in the overall hardest working city and number one as the city with the highest average work week hours. New Yorkers also put in a great deal of hours of volunteer work per week, coming in at number 7 in most annual volunteer hours per resident.

So how did the study measure this data? A combination of direct and indirect work factors were analyzed including: the average work week, employment rate, and vacation time left unused. They also analyzed “workplace engagement” or the level of enthusiasm and commitment workers have to their place of work.

So which city beats out New York for the title? San Francisco! The technological hub beats out the financial world this time around.

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