This NYC Bakery Makes Hyper-Realistic Cacti Cupcakes

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This NYC Bakery Makes Hyper-Realistic Cacti Cupcakes
Eating a real succulent isn’t recommended, but the cupcakes made at Brooklyn Floral Delight will make you do a double take.

The city might be a concrete jungle, but people are bringing plant life into their homes in many ways—like this one Brooklyn woman who lives in her own paradise with over 670 plants! There are certainly plenty of benefits to surrounding yourself with plants (especially in a city like New York), but these particular cacti imitators will likely only benefit your sweet tooth.  The cakes and cupcakes are made to look like complete landscapes with succulents, cacti, and other flora that make these treats the visual stunners they are.

Brooklyn Floral Delight is owned by Jiahn Kang, who’s Instagram posts of her work have gone viral for their beauty and uncanny similarity to real succulents.  The colors used match the natural color of these plants perfectly, and her attention to detail in each item she creates is amazing.

She recently told Vogue that “the colors are the biggest part of making it look realistic, and we couldn’t agree more. I mean, look at them!

The artistry in each cake or cupcake is undeniable, and Kang even told Vogue that “mixing colors into the buttercream is similar to painting.”

They’re so lovely you don’t want to bite into it or cut into the cake for fear of ruining its beauty!

The shop is located in the East Village, and they offer cake decorating classes…in case you’re looking to step up your cake-game.

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