A New Wood-Pit Barbecue Restaurant Opens in Hell’s Kitchen Today

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A New Wood-Pit Barbecue Restaurant Opens in Hell’s Kitchen Today
One of the fastest growing culinary trends in NYC gets a new addition to its ranks today. Joining the ever-growing list of barbeque restaurants in the city is Jax B-B-Q, a 60-seat eatery in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen. 

What tastes better than barbequed food? Wood pit barbequed food, that’s what.

A new wood pit barbeque joint opens at 496 Ninth Avenue (between 37th and 38th streets) today. The 60-seat space, called Jax B-B-Q, brings a good ol’ fashioned Kansas City barbeque to New York City, serving up wood smoked barbecued meat cooked low ‘n slow on site. Yes, on site.

Jax B-B-Q is the brainchild of restaurateur and pitmaster Nick Accardi, owner of the Hell’s Kitchen’s wood-fired pizzeria, Tavola. If there’s one thing Accardi has right, it’s that Hell’s Kitchen and wood-fired food are a recipe for success.

Accardi will smoke the meat over white oak, cherry, and birch woods in his pit. The combination of wood is said to enhance the taste of the meat after the cooking process. Mouth watering yet?

In terms of decor, you can expect a southern themed honkey-tonk vibe, you’ll feel right at home if you roll up in a rhinestone cowboy hat and string tie (although you may look a little odd in the rest of the city).

If slow-cooked barbeque fair, craft burgers, and frozen Margaritas sound like your idea of dining heaven, Jax B-B-Q opens today at 5 pm (according to the above Instagram post).

If you can’t make it to the launch, Jax will be open Monday to Thursday from 5 pm to midnight, and until 1 am on Fridays and Saturdays.

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