This New Waterfront Park Coming To The East Side Of Manhattan Is Fabulous

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This New Waterfront Park Coming To The East Side Of Manhattan Is Fabulous

Sundays were made for meandering along the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway, and now it’s about to bet bigger and more beautiful than you can imagine.

For New Yorkers that enjoy a breath of fresh air around the city’s green zones, The Manhattan Waterfront Greenway is a gift from on high. There are around 32 miles of bike lanes, trees and relaxation spots (of course some parts are greener than others) and not to mention incomparable vistas of our magnificent city and it’s surrounding waters. It represents a little seamless patch of nature hugging a borough that is known for its fast pace.

There is, however, a section along the East River where the trial stops, between 37th and 61st streets. For the longest time, both joggers, and cyclists alike have been forced to re-route through first avenue around the UN building.

Thankfully, Mayor de Blasio announced yesterday that the gap will be closed significantly in the very near future.

NYC is investing $100 million to make a beautiful esplanade bridging the gap between 53rd to 61st Streets. Construction is believed to last 3 years, beginning in 2019 and running to completion sometime in 2022.  the project is expected to take three years to complete. The pathway, which includes bike lanes, will be built over water and supported by pilings.

The pathway will be built directly over the water, supported by pillars, and include bike lanes and green zones. Take a look at the renderings below:

image (1)

image (2)


Images via [twitter | NYCMayor]

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