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A New Unicorn-Horn Shop Is Comming To NYC …Because Brooklyn

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A New Unicorn-Horn Shop Is Comming To NYC …Because Brooklyn

A new store is coming to Brooklyn next week that transform the everyday pedestrian New Yorker into a magical unicorn-being. Buy a sparkly unicorn horn headband and other magical clothing, then accept the rainbow colored sorcery into your heart.

Unicorns are definitely in the public zeitgeist right now. From internet memes to unicorn drinks of all shapes and colors, to a seemingly endless ocean of fan art, these mythical creatures have definitely conquered the imaginations of people across the world. In true, go-big-or-go-home NYC fashion, they are getting their own store. Where? Do you need to ask?

Brooklyn Owl is a new store coming to Flatbush Ave next week. What service do they offer? Have you ever had the desire, just for a moment, to see yourself morphed into a mystical unicorn-person? No, us neither. But that’s not going to stop the Brooklyn Owl from doing it all the same.

Brooklyn Owl makes hand-made sparkly unicorn headbands and also sells other types of magical clothing and merchandise for children and adults. Yes, adults. *audible squeal from furries and bronies*

Brooklyn Owl will open at 252 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, starting Saturday, May 6 at 10 am. The store will be inaugurated with an opening day party: the first thirty people will receive a goodie-bag, see a REAL-LIFE UNICORN (!), a “Cutest Unicorn Dog Contest” and a prize wheel.

If nothing else, at least you’ll be able to accessorize when you hit up Starbucks for that unicorn frappuccino.

Featured image source [brooklynowl]