NYC dating service pairs lovers based on the smell of their dirty laundry. Seriously

Joshua Saxon Joshua Saxon

Smell Dating

Bored of Tinder? Why not smell some three-day old t-shirts to find your perfect match? That’s what new love-linking serving Smell Dating is proposing with their quirky new venture.

Founders Tega Brain and Sam Levigne have come up with a novel way of introducing loveless New Yorkers. Instead of looking at photos of people you might find attractive, learning a bit about their interests or chatting online – you just smell their stinking clothes.

Brain told Reuters, “Most normal dating services, you rely on profile pictures, assumptions that come from visual information. You either really like the smell of someone or you don’t. It’s much more innate.”

The NYC-exclusive service works like this: Smell Dating sends you a clean t-shirt you have to wear for three days straight (without deodorant, very important according to the website which insists you “embrace the musky possibilities”). You then send the garment back to them which, in a move that doesn’t sound at all serial-killery –  they cut it into small pieces and send out to your potential love matches. If any of the “swatches” you receive stir some romantic interest in you and the person who owns that particular BO likes you too, you’ve found your match!

Now things can get really romantic, and all for a one-time fee of $25!

In a video by Reuters, 25-year-old Jesse Donaldson shows his conviction in the service as he smells some samples. “Oh. That is nutty,” says the NYU graduate student. “I’m just going to seal that back up.”

Check out this video, which would appear to have been directed by Hannibal Lecter, of people smelling stuff taken from the Smell Dating website. Enjoy!


Featured cover image: Reuters

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