There’s A Stunning New Mural Made Of Mirrored Glass At Grand Central

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

There’s A Stunning New Mural Made Of Mirrored Glass At Grand Central

NYC is known for its incredible art scene, and that isn’t only taking place in its revered museums!

The MTA Arts & Design Team has been working diligantly to bring beautiful works by local artists into our subway stations — just see our “13 Most Beautiful Subway Stations in NYC” for examples! — and the latest may be the most stunning yet.

[featured image source: Instagram / @midtownnewyork]

Artist Jim Hodges’ new piece is called “I dreamed a world and called it Love,” and it’s now up at Grand Central’s 42nd St. station, right above the MTA’s busiest transit entrance!

The piece is made up of over 5,000 pieces of glass in more than 70 different colors, and its mirror effect allows each commuter to be reflected back, becoming a “constant but ever-changing element of this public installation.”

“The composition inverts the commuter’s visual experience of descending underground,” MTA Arts & Design explains.

“The progression begins with an upper landing rendered in sparkling deep blues that reference the celestial ceiling of Grand Central’s Main Concourse and contrast the pale stone architecture of the Terminal, then bursts into a kaleidoscope of color on the lower mezzanine, dazzling against the backdrop of black granite in the newly renovated subway entrance.”

Looks gorgeous!

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