BRIC Arts and Media House Hosts Free Exhibition

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On Thursday, March 15th, the exhibition, Bordering the Imaginary: Art from the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Their Diasporas, opens to the public at the BRIC Arts and Media House in Brooklyn.

BRIC, a cultural center for the arts on Fulton Street in Brooklyn, is a leader in presenting free events to the public. Their mission is to present “exceptional cultural experiences and nurture individual expression.” Throughout the year, BRIC puts on various artistic festivals and programs, which you can check out- and why wouldn’t you, it’s free!


This week they are hosting the exhibit, Bordering the Imaginary: Art from the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Their Diasporas. According to their website the exhibition,

 investigates the complicated relationship between the Dominican Republic and Haiti—two nations that share a single island.”

The exhibit features 40 pieces from 19 artists from both the Dominican Republic and Haiti, and is split into three sections. The first section examines the history of the island, the second looks at the border area between the two nations, and the last is a joint project by two American artists of Dominican (Scherezade Garcia) and Haitian (Vladimir Cybil Charlier) heritage about the future of the island.

In addition to the interesting exhibition, BRIC will be hosting conversations and panels about the current state and future of Hispaniola.

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