You’ll Never Guess What Part Of This New Brooklyn Bar Is Dedicated To Dolly Parton • Dolly’s

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You’ll Never Guess What Part Of This New Brooklyn Bar Is Dedicated To Dolly Parton • Dolly’s

The brand new, proudly-dubbed “dive bar” Dolly’s just opened in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and you won’t believe where they decided to pay tribute to the most famous Dolly of them all.

Coming from the team behind Midnights and Claudia’s, also in Williamsburg, Dolly’s hopes to be “your favorite dive bar from your 20s, reimagined as your favorite neighborhood bar in Williamsburg,” according to a press release.

“Dolly’s is inspired by the New York dive bars we frequented in our youth,” says Raffaello Vancouten, who owns the restaurants with Devin Schuck. “Devin and I took all the things we love most about a dive bar, like the boisterous attitude and cheap drinks, and made it just a little more grown up.”

The wrap-around bar has saloon-style stools, banquettes and a jukebox. Paintings of strong women from the 1930s-70s line the walls, and the tribute to the #1 Dolly is in…the bathroom! A glassed-in wall of tons of vintage Dolly Parton records line the bathroom, so you can peer at the country crooner in all her glory. This is definitely not your typical dive-bar bathroom! Perfect for a selfie moment, no?

Credit to Dolly’s

Okay, so technically the bar wasn’t named quite after Dolly Parton—the interior was designed by the Brooklyn artist Teresa Brown, and “Dolly” was her own childhood nickname.

Credit to Dolly’s

There will also be an outdoor patio for the warm weather, cheap beer and refreshing craft cocktails. These include the “Let Me Tango” with Light Rum, Lime and Demerara, the “Double-Barrel Susie” with Knob Creek Bourbon 100, Ginger Beer and Lime, and the “Jane Fonda” (Frozen) with Don Papa, Pineapple and Coconut. And late-night bites include Crab and Shrimp Rolls, Taquitos (chicken and vegetarian) and Hot Hand-rolled Pretzels.

You’ll have to head there after you finish your “9 to 5″…only “Two Doors Down” from the subway (get it?!).

Credit to Nick Marrone.

featured image: Facebook / Midnights BK

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