A New Breaking Bad pop-up has Something Special “Cooking” for NYC

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A New Breaking Bad pop-up has Something Special “Cooking” for NYC

A Pop-up cocktail bar themed on the TV show Breaking Bad leaves London, where it has been wowing Brits, and makes it’s way to NYC. Here’s everything you need to know.

The show may have been over for almost 4 years, but it still captures the imagination of people around the world. Very soon a new (to NYC at least) Breaking Bad themed Pop-up will descend upon the city. Although not it’s not our first breaking bad popup, it might just be the best.

The pop-up cocktail bar, names ABQ, will open the doors to its RV (literally) in July. Yes, an RV, like the one where Walter and Jesse first started cooking. And what will you do there? Why cook your own cocktail of course!

The location of the RV is 173 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206 and one thing you can count on is that it’s going to be huge. Whether it’s cooking your own molecular cocktail or the remarkable attention to detail in the RV, it is definitely going to be an experience you will tell people about. That is a recipe for long queues, so if this sounds like your idea of fun, join the waiting list early. Each Session lasts 1hr 45 mins and users will have to arrive 10 minutes early.

We have the lowdown on where you can get exclusive sessions four days at the popup. Click HERE for ticket for Wednesday 19th July, Thursday 27th JulySunny 23rd July, or Friday 28th July

Here’s some media from their London installation to whet your appetite while you wait:

Featured image source [ABQ London]