A New Art Installation Will Brighten the Winter Gloom

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Madison Square Park is constantly rotating art exhibitions with the most recent summer installation by artist Josiah McElheny. However, as the Prismatic Park installation comes to an end the artwork that will take its place has already been announced.

At the end of the fall artist Erwin Redl will debut his exhibition: Whiteout. The exhibition will be composed of hundred of suspended spheres with white LED lights. They will hang from a grid of steel poles and fall above the ground by two feet.

Credit: Edwin Redl
Credit: Edwin Redl

The spheres will sway naturally, in cadence with the winds. The bright lights will certainly glow against the drab darkness of winter. Coinciding beautifully and filling up the emptiness of parks during that time of year with vibrant illuminations.

The art installation will run from November 16 through April 15, 2018.

Featured image source [Whiteout rendering, Credit: Edwin Redl]

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