New Art Installation Brings Holiday Brightness to Flatiron

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There’s a reflective new art installation in Flatiron for the holidays, and while it might look like metal tubes by day, it’s illuminated at night by the city lights.

The new installation was created in partnership with Van Alen Institute and is appropriately titled Flatiron Reflection. It is the heart of the Flatiron District, and the main piece of the Partnership’s 23 Days of Flatiron Cheer” holiday programming.

As you walk around it, the play of light, shadow, and reflection changes its appearance against the background of buildings and trees. From a distance, the folds create soft reflections that become clearer as you approach: Indistinguishable shapes sharpen into hazy impressions of familiar landmarks.”

The beautiful piece will remain up until January 1.

Featured image source: © Noah Kalina, Van Alen