A New App Invites You to Explore 6 NYC Murders in Terrifying Detail

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A New App Invites You to Explore 6 NYC Murders in Terrifying Detail
Gruesome Gotham” takes users through the horrific history of homicide on the streets of Victorian-era New York City. Think Pokémon Go …but for murders. Here are all the details.

Just in time for Halloween, a new free augmented reality app, Gruesome Gotham, takes you back in time to explore the ghastly crime scenes of six horrid murders from the streets of 19th century New York City.


How does it work? Download the app, it’s free (yey!) and you are presented with a map of the city with icons, looking like murder weapons, where the scenes of grisly murders occurred.

Once you get close to the locations you are invited to explore the crime-scene in 360 degrees. You see the murder accompanied by a voiceover that explains the crime and deep dive into news and info that is known about the murders.

A teaser trailer has this to say:

From sinister stabbings to mysterious murders, Manhattans bloody history lingers around every corner …and this Halloween, a new app lets you see it for yourself.

Using augmented reality, Gruesome Gotham brings you up close and personal with six murderous moments from the 19th century.

Follow the map to the exact locations where a few unlucky individuals took their last breaths. once there you can explore the scene from every angle, while you listen to the tale of their demise. And no matter where you are you can always dive deeper into each deadly deed for all the gory details.

Gruesome Gotham Teaser from Firstborn on Vimeo.

If you have an iPhone 6 or above, check out this free app in the AppStore to add a little gruesome reality to your Halloween festivities.

Featured image source [Vimeo]

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