Netflix’s First-Ever Stranger Things Store Is Opening In NYC!

—and it's for a limited time so mark your calendars!

Marie-Angèle Zoungrana Marie-Angèle Zoungrana

Netflix’s First-Ever Stranger Things Store Is Opening In NYC!

Hop on your bikes, mouthbreathers! The mysterious world of Hawkins is coming to life this winter. Netflix is revealing its first official Stranger Things pop-up store ever—and it just so happens to be in NYC! An interactive experience inspired by the cult TV sensation is waiting to be discovered; and who better to explore it than you?

Step into an 80s kinda world where demogorgons and vines wander—and become part of the gang… from your head to your toes! Hair-raising goodies featuring fan favorite elements from the show will be available for a limited time—the perfect holiday gifts for that Stranger Things stan in your life. 

Once you’ve embodied El and the gang, discover the world of Hawkins. The lights from Joy’s house and the Arcade room light the way as you roam through Hawkins High, the Starcourt Mall and the Russian Lab in search of key elements from the show. 

Walk-ins and a digital queue system will be open to all, which means you’ll have to wait your turn to get in the time-defying store. Instead, reserve your spot to skip the line!

Be the first to reserve your spot!

Terrifying creatures and an upside down tree—well, at the Upside Down—will come to life through thrilling decor as talented actors embody the characters we know and love. From Russian Guards to Scoop Ahoy employees, meet the pivotal members of Stranger Things and recall the experience with photo-ops throughout the store. 

The Upside Down might bring shivers down your spine, but missing out on this limited event will scare the living daylights out of you—so pre-book for the pop-up before it’s too late!

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