You Need to Try This Mouth Watering Burger

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You Need to Try This Mouth Watering Burger
The French Onion Soup Burger is quite literally the best invention since sliced bread. Don’t miss out on trying this prize winning burger. Make a reservation and get your tickets here!

The chefs at Le Rivage are known for their New York City Wine and Food Festival prize winning burgerThey begin by dipping a prime meat patty in a buttery blend of spices. Regular burger buns are replaced by two huge English muffins which hug the grilled burger. An ample serving of soft, sweet caramelized onions covers the patty and is topped off with a spoonful of creamy cheese sauce.

cy_eats via instagram
cy_eats via instagram
Only a genius could come up with something so delicious, but it can be yours to try in just two clicks! Get your tickets here.
Happy eating!


Featured image: ny.eater.com

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