It’s National Bubble Tea Day! Here’s Where To Get Yours

Bubble Tea, or boba as it’s called in Chinese, has it’s own national day (like almost everything else under the sun) and it’s today! So hop into one of these five amazing bubble tea shops to get your fix.

In the 1980’s, this amazing Taiwanese beverage was created, combining the tastes of tea, the creaminess of milk and the surprise of bubbles. The boba pearls, are made from tapioca and the tea can be taken with or without them, hot or cold. We vote for for! These five tea shops will be sure to satisfy your craving for this bubbly, sugary goodness.

1.Tea and Milk, Astoria

Their mission is to “promote happiness and unique experiences one cup at a time”. Each cup is handcrafted especially for you using various brewing techniques. Located in Astoria, Queens, this local bubble tea shop is a great stop for your morning or afternoon pick me up!

teaandmilkny via Instagram
teaandmilkny via Instagram
2. Teado Tea Shop, Chinatown

These teas are made with high quality tea instead of tea powder which really adds to the taste of the drink. You can elect the intensity of your drink from light, medium or regular, served hot or cold and of course with or without boba. This family owned shop in Chinatown is decorated with anime figurines and Marvel superheros and is definitely a great spot for delicious and quality tea.
3. PaTea, Chinatown, Gramercy

PaTea opened in 2013 and since then has been serving quality bubble tea drinks in the heart of Chinatown. With two locations in Manhattan (Chinatown and Gramercy), PaTea offers mini-boba balls which makes the drink much more pleasant. They also offer a “stubby” 26 ounce option which is pretty damn adorable. Try the Rose Milk Tea flavor!
4. Nohohon Tea Room, East Village

This Japanese matcha tea room is just amazing. The teas are sugar free, the menu is short and only two toppings are available: caramel tapioca balls and adzuki beans. The matcha is hand-crafted on site with a bamboo whisk and a tea bow like in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Check out their St. Mark’s Place location.
5.Ten Ren Tean and Ginseng

This bubbly tea room claims to be the first of its kind in New York. Established in 2000, this longstanding staple sells their teas by type- Red, Black, Green, Oolong etc- and then they are categorized by quality from 1 to 4. This cafe uses cocktail shakers to mix up your drink into foamy goodness. Try the Taro Milk Tea, its made from pureed taro root and is seriously the BOMB.

Where’s your favorite place to get bubble tea in the city? Let us know in the comments!

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