The Mystery of NYC’s Beautiful Trash Can Flower Displays

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The Mystery of NYC’s Beautiful Trash Can Flower Displays
Whether you’ve seen them with your own eyes, or just stumbled across them in your Instagram feed, the flower display trash cans swept the city. Here’s everything you need to know about the phenomenon.

Over the last few months, Mysterious flower arrangements have appeared across Manhattan. From trash cans to statues, and seemingly at random, these everyday objects were transformed into glorious floral displays. It left many, including us, thinking… Why?

Lewis Miller, an NYC-based floral designer, didn’t see New York like the rest of us… He didn’t necessarily see the vibrant and colorful city we all know and love. Rather, he saw a gloomy metropolis, a stark colorless cityscape… so he decided to do something about it. In a post on his website Millar says:

Gifting flowers to the people of New York City. It’s a simple idea that I have been knocking around in my brain for years. […] We had hoped for smiles, the ones that happen when you witness a random act of kindness. That was my goal, my vision. Create an emotional response through flowers. […] It was one of the most rewarding and gratifying “events” I have produced and I can not wait to plan the next one. Keep your eyes peeled New York, these flowers are for you….

That post dates back to October 2016, Millar’s first floral gift to the city, a circle of flowers around the John Lennon Memorial in Central Park.

Since then Lewis Miller really got busy with his “Flower flashes.” He Told NBC New York:

“Our Alice in Wonderland installation was romantic, feminine and whimsical,”

“Our trash can flashes are edgier and ephemeral.”

The bouquets all vary in size and complexity …in fact, if you wanted to hire Lewis Miller’s team to recreate one of his larger more complex pieces it would cost upwards of $10,000.

It seems like Lewis isn’t stopping soon, so we can expect to see the city brightened up for many years to come. Hurray for you Mr. Miller! Here is some more of his work for you to enjoy:


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