The Mystery Of The “Anatomically Correct” Male Statues In Gramercy Park

Rob Grams Rob Grams

The Mystery Of The “Anatomically Correct” Male Statues In Gramercy Park

When we say anatomically correct, you know what we’re saying, right? You’re not thinking, “these statues must have incredibly realistic knees” are you? 

For seemingly no reason whatsoever, nine “anatomically correct” male statues have appeared in a Gramercy Park storefront. If you head over to 281 Park Avenue South you will be able to get an eyeful of more than just the celebrities that live in the area.

Nobody knows whether the storefront is supposed to be an art exhibition or if the statues are just being stored. Signs reading “Rent Here Now” suggest perhaps the bodies are brilliant marketing to bring in a new tenant to the space.

One thing is for sure, the sculptures come from NYC artist Richard DuPont… in fact, they ARE Richard DuPont. He created the self-portrait sculptures by laser scanning himself and molding them out of polyurethane. The pieces were originally displayed at Lever House in NYC in 2008.

Check out this video courtesy of CBS New York:

Featured image source: Screenshot – [cbsnewyork] · Shocked person – [sarahhammill]