Explore All Of The Wonderful Paw-Sibilities At Museum Of The Dog In NYC

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Explore All Of The Wonderful Paw-Sibilities At Museum Of The Dog In NYC

Dog lovers, you’re in for a treat!

The AKC (American Kennel Club) Museum of the Dog has reopened and is displaying their most exciting exhibit yet…and you can even bring your furry friend along with you!

Originally founded in 1982, the MOD was first located in the New York Life Building until 1987 when the headquarters moved to West St. Louis County, Missouri. After more than 30 years in Missouri, the museum returned to New York in the Kalikow Building in Murray Hill.

Museum of the Dog

The museum celebrates the beautiful bond between human and canine with an extraordinary, through-the-woof collection of dog-themed art including paintings, bronze figures, and ceramics! Visitors can spend their time exploring the permanent collection, new exhibitions, library, and interactive experiences.

They rotate their exhibits throughout the year to showcase their 1,700-piece collection and 4,000-volume library! Make sure to check out their current exhibit Hollywood Dogs featuring the most fabulous dogs in film. 

Museum of the Dog

Examine the history of dogs’ entry into the industry all the way through the “Golden Age of Hollywood Dogs” with original movie posters, storyboards, and animated cartoons. From your favorites like Old Yeller, Beethoven, Lassie, and Snoopy, you’ll surely be smiling from all of the nostalgia!

Then, find your match and discover which breed you resemble most with their interactive “What Dog Are You?” experience. Simply take a picture of yourself and the display’s visual recognition software will match you with your perfect breed look-alike!

Museum of the Dog

Explore your favorite breeds and better understand their common jobs, history, physical features, and personality traits! You can even learn the proper hand signals and commands to train a working dog (i.e. therapy, police, or search and rescue dog) and practice your new skills on Molly the virtual dog who responds in real time to your commands.

You can even create your own masterpiece in the library to be featured on the museum’s Community Wall. Of course, the museum is running at 25% capacity and is regularly sanitized between guests.

The experience is paw-sitively brilliant for all dog lovers! Get your tickets here.

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