The Museum of Ice Cream Opens Massive NYC Flagship Next Weekend With Largest Sprinkle Pool Ever

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The Museum of Ice Cream Opens Massive NYC Flagship Next Weekend With Largest Sprinkle Pool Ever

Finally! The time has come for the Museum of Ice Cream to become a permanent part of NYC—and they’ve announced an opening date.

The Museum of Ice Cream first came to NYC in 2016 as a temporary pop-up exhibit sharing fun facts  and tasters of various ice creams and candies. Then they hit the Meatpacking District once again in the summer of 2018 with a whole new experience where you could actually shop their Instagrammable “grocery store” with unique, custom ice cream flavors. This pop-up showcased their new (at the time) line of ice creams in what they called The Pint Shop, before partnering with companies like Target to mass distribute their line of ice cream flavors.

Now, three years and many cities later, the Museum of Ice Cream is returning to NYC—permanently. It’s finally been announced that the space will open on Saturday, December 14, as the first brand under the new parent company (Figure8) which was announced earlier this year to be valued at $200 million!

While the company already has a permanent location in San Francisco, the new NYC space will become their flagship. According to an initial report by Fast Company, the new space will be a whopping 25,000-square-feet. And as the newsletter they sent out to all of their Museum of Ice Cream’s subscribers states, it’ll take up three floors of a SoHo building, 13 exhibits, a shop, lounge, cafe, bar, and of course plenty of ice cream. According to their website,

“MOIC NYC features our most imaginative, multi-sensory installations that bring to life your most delightful dreams: savor the sweetest treats on a floating table, ride our out-of-this-world pink “Celestial Subway,” slide down an epic three-story slide, and follow the sound of a buzz that will lead you to a giant “Queen Bee hive.” Taste our new signature ice cream flavors and ice cream treats along the way, before taking a dive into the largest Sprinkle Pool yet!”

Tickets have been on sale since Wednesday (October 9) for their opening days, and now the time is nearly here. All tickets are $39 (children under 2 are free) and can now be purchased as far in advance as March 1, 2020. All are also welcome to reserve the Sprinkle Pool for an hour-long “Morning Swim” called a private “Sprinkle Splash” (for a price, of course) that would allow up to 40 people to enjoy the space in a private setting.

Museum of Ice Cream’s NYC flagship will officially open next Saturday, December 14, starting at 9:30am. The shop, located at 558 Broadway, will be open from 9:30am to 9:30pm from Wednesdays through Mondays, and will be closed on Tuesdays.

featured image source: Museum of Ice Cream

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