A Memorial Dedicated To Hurricane Maria Victims Is Set To Be Built In Battery Park City

Caitlin Horsfield Caitlin Horsfield

A Memorial Dedicated To Hurricane Maria Victims Is Set To Be Built In Battery Park City
New York City is the home to the largest population of Puerto Ricans on the mainland United States. In remembrance of Hurricane Maria, the category 4 storm that wreaked havoc on the island just about a year ago, Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced plans for the creation of a memorial to honor the victims and survivors.

While very few details are available about the memorial, what is for sure is that the monument will be located in an undetermined spot in Battery Park City. According to Curbed, just last Thursday, “Governor Cuomo signed an executive order to establish the Hurricane Maria Memorial Commission. The existing committee established to lead New York’s relief efforts in Puerto Rico will select members to be on this commission. The members will include artists, academics, community leaders, and performers, among others.”

Governor Cuomo has been outspoken about the Federal response to disaster relief having said in a statement,

“The federal government’s failed response is a stain on American history, and I am establishing a commission to create a memorial honoring the victims and survivors of Hurricane Maria and the resilience of the Puerto Rican community. New Yorkers have always had a deep connection with our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico and this memorial will show that this country loves and respects our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico and we will never allow what happened to happen again.”

Once his Commission is established, the goal will be to work to finalize the exact location of the memorial, the design, and construction timeline. This process is expected to be complete by September 2019. The state will then issue a Request for Proposals to pick the team to build the memorial.

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