[April Fools] MTA Announces Plan To Access Subway With Fingerprint By 2025


[April Fools] MTA Announces Plan To Access Subway With Fingerprint By 2025
It seems like the future is finally here… a new initiative to change the way we access the subway will be enforced by 2025. Here’s what we know so far:

Although we recently announced the introduction of OMNY, a new plan by the MTA to “make contactless payment the preferred option for all commuters moving forward”, it seems that things are going to be a little different. Instead of OMNY, New Yorkers will be given the option to register their fingerprints with the MTA so that in order to enter all they have to do is place their finger on a scanning device for the doors to open.

Various subway stations will undergo construction over the next 6 years to update them with the new fingerprint scanning technology, which might cause some inconvenience for travellers as they’ll have to be closed for a few months at a time. For those that want to continue using the subway system, you have till 2025 to go through the process of registering your fingerprint. The process is said to take roughly 2-3 months as background checks, tests and other legal formalities need to be done. Obviously the news just broke so the whole thing seems a bit vague, but we’ll keep updating as soon as more information rolls out!



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