Morning Thunderstorm Creates Insane Waterfalls Into Subway Stations Today

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The heavy rain this Monday morning was a nightmare for those commuting to work. At points, an umbrella did next to nothing to keep you dry.

If staying home wasn’t an option for you, chances are you were completely soaked on your way to the subway station. However, for some commuters, the downpour didn’t end there. Some lines at the Bryant Park station, as well as the 8th Avenue and 14th Street station (and we imagine others), were gushing rain water from the ceiling.

To get into the subway car you had to walk through the gushing water, too!
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NYC Monday morning.

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And the entrance to the 145th Street station completely transformed into a waterfall…
Oh, and so did the the stairway to 59th and Lexington…

Thankfully the thunderstorm is over and the sun seems to be out—for now. There’s a small chance of rain again later this evening, but hopefully it won’t be nearly as bad!

featured image source: Instagram / @midtownstudiorental