This Dreamy Astrological Nouveau Circus Just Opened In Brooklyn, & It Will Completely Amaze You

Don't miss the utterly enchanting "MoonRise"!

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This Dreamy Astrological Nouveau Circus Just Opened In Brooklyn, & It Will Completely Amaze You

Be transported by a magical lunar performance at the brand new MoonRise, now open in Bushwick!

Combining dance, acrobatics, theatre, music and visual arts, this immersive experience will take you on an astrological journey that immerses all five senses. It officially opens Sept. 24, but we got to experience it beforehand and it truly awed us! From the gasp-inducing nouveau circus acts to the herbaceous cocktails and essential oil blends, it’s perfect for astrology fans, New Agers, or anyone who wants a unique and ~ethereal~ night out!

First, as you enter the entrancing space, you’ll use a chart to determine which of the 13 moon goddesses you align with based on your birthdate. Will you connect with the independence and wisdom of Freya, or the prankster Elve?

Justine Golata for Secret NYC

Then make your way through the feathery wings of the Sphinx to the scents room, where you’ll receive an aromatherapy necklace with a personalized scent based on your goddess. Ours was Lilith, which is also whose moon cycle we are in right now! Our scent combined cinnamon, ginger and spearmint.

Justine Golata for Secret NYC

Next you’ll enter the main space, adorned in blues, flowing fabrics, and macrame. Head to the mystical bar to get a craft cocktail — also tying in to your moon goddess’s aromatic herb. Lilith’s herb in turmeric, which the bartenders combined into a delicious concoction with fresh watermelon, elderflower liquor, lime juice, yuzu, and finished with flamb├ęd rosemary. It was delicious!

Justine Golata for Secret NYC
Justine Golata for Secret NYC

Then take your seat — we had the floor cushions up front — and Lilith herself will guide you to the sound room, where you’ll experience an immersive light show and haunting audio experience.

After, it’s time for the show! You’ll get an up-close view of spectacular acts, all from the amazing “nouveau circus” created by the renowned Rigolo family. From hearing Lilith tell her story as the dark Goddess, queen of the night, mother of evil spirits — to fire acts, to incredible acrobatics that will astound you.

Justine Golata for Secret NYC

The main act — the famous balancing performance that was created by the Rigolo family and was performed at Circe de Soleil for over 10 years — will seriously blow your mind. We couldn’t help holding our breath as the performer balanced a single feather on 13 different sticks, one on top of the other, with incredible precision and dexterity. They appeared to simply be floating in the air! And being in such an intimate space made it all the more mesmerizing.

Justine Golata for Secret NYC

The entire MoonRise experience will also completely immerse your five senses, with of course amazing visuals, a transcendent soundtrack, delicious cocktails, and calming incense enveloping the space.

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MoonRise: A Nouveau Circus Immersive Performance

Opening September 24
Starting at $60
Tags: circus, cocktails
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