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Tickets To This Mesmerizing Cirque Acrobatic Show In Bushwick Are Now On Sale

Discover your inner moon goddess while enjoying a paired cocktail

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

Tickets To This Mesmerizing Cirque Acrobatic Show In Bushwick Are Now On Sale

This immersive theatrical experience showcases the stories of the 13 moon goddesses through unbelievable aerialist acts, interactive installations & themed cocktails — and tickets are now on sale!

Opening in Bushwick, Brooklyn later this month, MoonRise will use Rigolo’s signature high-level “nouveau cirque” acts — which combine dance, acrobatics, theatre, music and visual arts — to take you on a magical astrological journey.

First, as you enter the enchanting space, you’ll be able to use an astrological chart to find your moon goddess and see if you share any traits! From the independence and wisdom of Freya (of the first moon) to the fun-loving and beautiful Maenad (of the tenth moon)…

Get your tickets to MoonRise here

Next, you’ll make your way into an immersive sound bath room for a calming sensory experience, before you enter the main performance space. Sit back as you enjoy a craft cocktail that matches your goddess’s lunar herb (elderflower for Freya or cocoa leaf for Maenad, for example), and hold your breath as expert aerialists twirl above your head. 

You’ll also be able to witness a mesmerizing balance act that was performed at Cirque du Soleil for over 10 years. The entire breathtaking show is produced by nouveau cirque veterans Rigolo.

The space is decorated with beautiful blues, flowing natural fabrics and glowing candlelight, so you’ll be completely immersed in the mystical stories and performances. And tickets are finally on sale!

And, the show will change with every moon phase, highlighting a different moon goddess until all 13 are complete.

Get your tickets to this ethereal experience here!

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