Micro Apartments in New York City… Are They Worth It?

Cozy? Worth the price? Too small? What are your thoughts!


Micro Apartments in New York City… Are They Worth It?
The city that never sleeps attracts new residents everyday, which is why it’s one of the most dense cities in the USA. With a population of 8.6 million inhabiting a total area of 300 square miles, demand is high and NYC’s reputation of expensive rent continues to proceed it.
Over the past couple of years due to decreasing availability of space, micro apartments; any space between 50-350 sq feet with a sitting space, sleeping space, bathroom and kitchen, have started to become quite the trend. If you like interior design, architecture and minimal living, the videos below of a few micro apartments will fascinate you. The small living confines are usually synonymous with cheaper rent, but is that always the case? How much are people willing to sacrifice to live in the big apple? Decide for yourselves.

LE 1 & 2 by Graham Hill

Canadian designer, environmentalist and creator, Graham Hill is known for his minimal lifestyle and public talks about learning to live with less. He started playing around with small living spaces back in 2010 when he bought two units in Soho and began a competition to see who could come up with the best design to transform the dated apartments. He eventually released two projects; LifeEdited 1 & 2, recognised for their space saving components such as moving walls, transformable furniture and couch-cubes. Rent of these micro apartments isn’t cheap, with about 302 square feet costing $2,750 a month… definitely not for those that are trying to live affordably, but might be worth it for those that could swing it and don’t need a massive space?

Studio Apartment Tour

The video below shows a 240 square foot studio with a monthly rent of $500. Located in an old building from 1918, the owner tried to spice it up with a modern twist and elements that make a small space seem bigger. Although $500 isn’t necessarily that “cheap” by other cities’ standards, it’s quite hard to come by in NYC (if you want to live alone).

Microstudio, Upper West Side

Felice Cohen pays $700 a month for a 90 square foot microstudio in the Upper West Side… one of the more expensive areas to live in the city (average is about $3,600 per month). Not nearly as chic as LE1 & 2, Cohen’s apartment seems like a much bigger sacrifice to live in Manhattan. Would you be able to do it?

Robert Garneu microstudio for 6 people

Similar to LE1 & 2, architect Robert Garneau utilised the moving wall concept in order to transform this studio into a place that can sleep up to 6 people and seat 10! The modern design makes the small space super bright and actually quite inviting!

featured image: Christopher Testani for LifeEdited.

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