Get A First Look Inside Michelangelo’s Magnificent Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition Now Open In NYC

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Get A First Look Inside Michelangelo’s Magnificent Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition Now Open In NYC

Experience Vatican City’s most iconic artworks right here in NYC!

Michelangelo’s immersive Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition just opened on September 30th and welcomes New Yorkers to explore the artist’s greatest works on the notorious chapel ceiling up close and personal.

We were able to get a first hand experience of the exhibition and it was absolutely riveting!

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Visitors get the rare opportunity to experience these mesmerizing paintings from a never-before-seen perspective that shows every brushstroke and color. Stand next to the 34 life-size frescoes reproduced using a special printing technique that mimics the look and feel of the original works.

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See your favorite pieces like “The Last Judgement” and “The Creation of Adam” in more detail than you’d be able to by visiting the real Sistine Chapel.

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Located at SoHo’s 100 Sixth Ave. building, the industrial venue provides the perfect sanctuary to honor the ancient art that dates back more than 500 years ago.

You’ll be able to see exactly where each fresco is located on the actual Sistine Chapel ceiling from the informative signage found at each display that provides additional descriptions and details about the piece.

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Eager to learn more? Grab an audio guide and listen to the rich history behind each painting as you roam through NYC’s very own Vatican’s Apostolic Palace.

The exhibition has already been a massive success in other cities including Atlanta, Charlotte, and Chicago, and will be no different for NYC!

Make sure to stop by the gift shop on your way out and pick up all the incredible artist inspired goodies.

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And don’t forget to snap a pic in front of the angel wings with the hashtag #SistineChapelExhibit!


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Don’t miss your chance to check out this gorgeous exhibition while it’s in town.

Grab your tickets now!

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Thursday, September 30 - Sunday, January 2
Starting at $19.20
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