Miami’s Award-Winning Yardbird Will Soon Bring Southern Comfort to NYC

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South Beach’s wildly successful restaurant Yardbird Southern Table & Bar has its sights on NYC for its next location.

The elevated Southern restaurant is “a house of worship to farm-fresh ingredients, classic Southern cooking, culture and hospitality.

With locations in Miami, Las Vegas, and Singapore already, it is expected to continue branching out in major cities around the world.

Yardbird’s award-winning dining experience will keep its southern influence, but its offered menu items will be tweaked to better suit their diners’ palates in each individual new city. Drawing from surrounding local cuisines.

The restaurant was looking to expand to NYC several years ago, but hadn’t been able to at the time. Now, after financially partnering with private equity firm Trispan Rising Stars, they will quickly begin opening new locations around the world at a rate of at least two per year.

At some point next year you’ll finally be able to order their delicious fried chicken in the city. The team is scouting locations in Columbus Circle, Flatiron, Chelsea, and Union Square areas.

Featured image source: Ahmad A. / Yelp