Meet the new Weed-Munching Prospect Park Goats

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Meet the new Weed-Munching Prospect Park Goats

Four new workers have been welcomed to Prospect Park, but these aren’t your average grounds keepers, we’re talking about the new Prospect Park goats. Now, lets meet them.

Remember last year, when a happy herd of goats were brought to prospect park to eat all the weeds? Well, they’re back… and they’re hungry!

The city’s favorite gardeners were brought in last year to trim the grass and weeds from the Vale of Cashmere and became an instant hit citywide. They were SO good they wound up eating themselves out of a job, but thanks to their popularity, and the tenacity of the weeds in the green space, they were brought back in August, later that year.

This year the goats will abandon the Vale of Cashmere and head to Lookout Hill to clear poison ivy and honey suckle vines, but you aren’t here for that, you want to know about the goats themselves.

The mini herd, or as we like to think of them, the aaaaaaaaaay team, is comprised of four superstar weed eaters.

  • Firstly, a pair of Nubian goats, brothers named Eyebrows and Horatio
  • An Alpine goat named Swiss Cheese
  • A small but mighty Nigerian pygmy goat named Lily Belle.

The goats are taking over where human workers have failed, the steep terrain and heat isnt a problem for the aaaaaaaaaay team, they can work comfortably in up to 103.5 degrees Fahrenheit. I love it when a plan comes together.

Featured image source [prospectpark]

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