Meet the NYC Bartender That Has Become America’s Obsession

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Meet the NYC Bartender That Has Become America’s Obsession

A quirky NYC bartender has won over a legion of fans and scored nine ‘Jeopardy!’ wins in a row, netting over $300,000 so far. Twitter has fallen in love, so let’s meet Austin Rogers. 

There are fewer welcoming sights than an NYC bar-tender …especially around happy hour. This isn’t news to you, as a New Yorker you’re probably on first-name-terms with at least one member of our city’s bartending community. Well, finally the rest of the country is catching up with our appreciation of bar-people… one in particular.

Austin Rogers is a New York City bartender, and the winner of a NINE show streak on ‘Jeopardy!’ The 38-year-old had won $332,400 by Thursday, but that pales in comparison with the hearts and minds he has won over across the country.

Rogers became the first ‘streaker’ of the season, ‘Jeopardy!’ said that put him at fifth on the show’s list of all-time regular season money winners.

So what makes him so popular? Is it his wild hair? His bushy beard? …maybe it’s his post-correct-answer animated gestures. We couldn’t tell you… but his legions of online supporters can… let’s let them weigh in:

cue those animated gestures we were just talking about:

Austin isn’t as popular with competitors as he is with his fans:

Apparently there are two types of people:

he’s not just in demand for his ‘Jeopardy!’ Skills:

It’s clear his fans want him to stick around:

He’s a Hipster, and some people loved him before it was cool:

To sum up, for people watching…

One of the biggest factors in making Rogers so popular, apart from his look and behavior, is how nail-biting he is to watch. He makes big bets, winning a massive $34,000 wagering on the show’s ‘Final Jeopardy’ last Tuesday.

What’s the secret to his success? Rogers told Good Morning America that he has uncovered patterns in clues by watching hundreds of ‘Jeopardy!’ episodes. There you have it. Time to start watching those re-runs, NYC.


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