The Mayor’s Office Will Remove The “Fearless Girl” Soon …One Public Advocate Is Fighting Back

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The Mayor’s Office Will Remove The “Fearless Girl” Soon …One Public Advocate Is Fighting Back

Sadly, NYC’s “Fearless Girl” is on a countdown to being removed from it’s Wall Street location …but if one city’s Public Advocates has anything to do with it, she’ll stay exactly where it is!

When it comes to beloved public art in the city, one recently added statue is forging it’s way to the top of the most-loved list. A symbol of pride for women in the city, and a middle finger to corporate boards that lack gender diversity, our “Fearless Girl” will be missed when she leaves in April.

Now the focus of much pride and countless selfies, the statue was only ever intended to be a fixture, opposite the wall street bull, for one week. Due to her popularity she was granted a month long extension by the Mayor. Now Public Advocate Letitia James is asking the Mayor’s Office to make “Fearless Girl” a permanent Wall Street fixture.

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In James’ petition to Mayor de Blasio, said that the girl is “a powerful beacon, showing women… that no dream is too big and no ceiling is to high.”

Although the Mayor’s office hasn’t publicly commented on the fate of our beloved “Fearless Girl” a spokeswoman, Olivia Lapeyrolerie told the NY Daily News that the city isn’t planning on extending the permit. Sadly the clock is ticking on our Fearless Girl… But where do you stand on the issue? Make yourself heard below:

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