Massive Power Outage Plunges NYC Into Darkness On The Anniversary Of The 1977 Blackout

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Massive Power Outage Plunges NYC Into Darkness On The Anniversary Of The 1977 Blackout
Forty-two years ago on July 13 the city was struck by a huge power outage which left NYC in the dark for 25 hours. Last night, on the anniversary of this occurence, a bizarre thing happened…the city was once again plunged into darkness!

On Saturday evening, the area from Midtown Manhattan through the Upper West Side experienced a massive power outage that left about 73,000 Con Edison customers in the dark. Broadway shows were canceled. JLo’s Madison Square Garden concert was cut short. Commuters were stranded. Phone service went awry. And the iconic billboards of Times Square went black.

According to the NYC Fire Department the blackout (which began around 6:50 p.m.) affected everyone from Fifth Avenue to the Hudson River, and from West 36th Street through 72nd Street. Deep inside though we’re just wondering: Can we go ahead and blame this strangeness on Mercury’s retrograde? (probably not, but we will anyway.)


Unlike the blackout of 1977 which lasted a lengthy 25 hours, the power last night was thankfully restored after 3 hours. During much of that time it was luckily still bright and sunny outside, and the final Manhattanhenge of the year was taking place! It was quite the site to see as the Millenial Choir took to the streets at that time to continue their concert.


Many New Yorkers stepped out to assist with street traffic and, once night fell and it became dark, many used their phones or any light source they could find to continue assisting with the flow of traffic.

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