A Massive 20-Pound Spiked Hot Chocolate Is Coming To A Rooftop Bar In Midtown

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

A Massive 20-Pound Spiked Hot Chocolate Is Coming To A Rooftop Bar In Midtown
With winter suddenly hitting us hard with below-freezing temperatures some days it’s kind of the perfect time to hunker down—and we suggest choosing Dream Midtown so you have easy access to this cozy 20-pound spiked hot chocolate.

It may look like a prop, but it’s very real. This monstrous-looking hot chocolate was dreamt up and created in honor of the upcoming National Hot Chocolate Day. The concoction, which serves 22 people, is made at Dream Midtown’s PHD Terrace rooftop bar by pastry chef Paola Marocchi and will only set you back $375; although, split between 22 people that mean about $17 a person. Considering it’s a spiked hot chocolate, too, $17 doesn’t sound all that bad. (This is how we rationalize and justify getting this, don’t judge us!)

The oversized mug of chocolate is made with Valrhona extra bitter 61 percent chocolate, Jivara chocolate, and is complete with equally as oversized charred marshmallows and cinnamon sticks in addition to housemade whipped cream and spicy cocoa powder. And how could we forget the booze? When you order the item you’ll also be able to add your choice of tequila, whiskey, or cognac. 

The boozy mammoth of a hot chocolate will be served from January 31 (National Hot Chocolate Day), until February 14…because everyone knows Valentine’s Day is synonymous with consuming large amounts of chocolate.

Bonus: Valrhona chocolate specifically is hosting a Hot Chocolate Festival across NYC from January 19 through February 3! During this time, you can visit a handful of bakeries, restaurants, and chocolatiers around the city (mapped out here) and try their unique premium hot chocolates. For each cup you get 50-cents will go to support the Food Tank Organization in NYC.

featured image source: Courtesy of PHD Terrace Dream Midtown

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