These Maps Show Exactly Where The Most Car Accidents Happen In NYC

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If you’ve ever driven in New York you’ve seen that it wavers in between gridlock and Mad Max. The maps below show where the most dangerous accidents happen in NYC.

Telling a New Yorker the streets of NYC are dangerous for drivers and pedestrians is like telling the Pope about Jesus. We all already get it, but maybe not exactly how deadly our roads can be. So catastrophic is the toll of our deadly roads, In 2014, Mayor de Blasio launched his Vision Zero campaign, an initiative designed to drastically reduce the number of fatalities caused by traffic in NYC.

In the NYC Open Data portal, a cursory look at the NYPD Motor Vehicle Collisions shows you that from January to March of this year has already seen 51,917 accidents.

But when it comes to dangerous streets not all roads in the city were created equally. Timeout NY published the following two maps yesterday; the first is a heat map highlighting the most dangerous traffic areas in the city, and the second plots out every collision from January 1 through April 3

Featured image source [Screenshot of a Google Map published on Timeout NY]

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