This Map of NYC’s Best Bars and Restaurants Will Save You Time and Money

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An enterprising New Yorker made a map of the best restaurants and bars in the city based on recommendations by the city’s most reliable online sources, and it’s amazing.

We’ve all been there, we’ve wandered into a corner of the city we’re not all that familiar with, hunger strikes and where do you go? Of course, we whip out our cell phones and search “the best (insert food) in (insert location)”. What if all that information was in one handy map you could access at any time. Well, now it is.

A Reddit user named Jagrafess posted a map that is too good not to share. The map shows the BEST New York City bars and restaurants all in one convenient and well-organised place. He put it together “based on /r/nyc and Eater/NY Mag/etc. recommendations,” and it currently has almost 600 highly recommendable eateries that span all the 5 boroughs.

It has everything from top ice cream parlors to pizzas and worth bookmarking for any NYer.